where the water always flows

Experience the South African wilderness with all its beautiful/wonderful variety up close. Come and join us on unique guided Safari Tours and be our guest on our private and very special place where humans and wildlife live together in harmony.


 BALULENI means in one of the local languages "where the water always flows" or modified by us- "where the love always flows", which we have made the motto of our small, very intimate lodge.


Our Lodge is situated on the bank of the Olifants River, directly on an elephant path. Far away from the noisy and fast moving world, you can enjoy the silence of nature and listen to the voices of the African bush.


Unhindered, without any fences, the South African wildlife is visiting this natural water source all year round, while you can watch the animals from the private terrace of your Chalet.


Somewhere in the distance you might hear a lion roaring or the rumbles of elephants. Maybe a breeding herd of elephant with their youngsters will walk past your terrace, while the colorful bird life of South Africa offers you a free concert.


Make Baluleni Safari Lodge the starting point for your activities - a little paradise inside the Greater Kruger National Park, which is often referred to by guests as "Heaven on Earth".

A few funny animal moments